MEXGA UPS รุ่น UKO-80 ขนาด 80 kVA 3:3phase


SKU : UKO-80

Online Transformer-Less UPS ขนาด 80 kVA 3:3Phase

แบรนด์ : MEXGA


MEXGA UPS รุ่น UKO-80 ขนาด 80 kVA 3:3phase
  • 3 level IGBT rectifier and inverter
  • High Efficiency up to 96.5%
  • Output PF 0.9 (1 is option)
  • Operation temperature up to 50*C
  • Fault Trace Management
  • Colorful LED bar
  • Customized power distribution cabinet
  • Flexible Network Management: SNMP
  • Expanded dry contact
  • Intelligent Battery Monitoring System
  • Bypass voltage regulator
  • Dual system control card
  • N+X in parallel
  • Input and output isolation transformer
  • SPD: C Grade
  • Output Synchronization Common Bus
  • Battery Charge Temperature Compensation


  • 80 kVA
  • Output power factor: 0.9 
  • Output Voltage: (380/400/415Vac) : 380Vac (L-L) +/- 1%  ; 3phase 4 wires
  • Max Efficiency AC to AC is 96.5% 


  • Internet service provider
  • Computer data center
  • Industrial automation
  • Industrial PLCS
  • Bank or security system
  • Telecommunication system
  • Transportation system
  • E-Business (Servers, ISP/ASP/POP)
  • Electro-medical Devices
  • Emergency Devices
  • Mission-critical equipments



  • Wide input voltage range -60%~+25% with high grid adaptability
  • High overload capacity
  • Dual DSP control prevents single failure point
  • Intelligent fan control and redundant design for energy saving: 25% load can be driven when 2 fans fail and 50% load when 1 fan fails
  • Integrated with input,output,bypass breaker and manual bypass switch for better protection of system.
  • Anti-corrosion resistant coating in all PCB boards.
  • Short circuit time up to 200ms which provide high protection for system.
  • Bus synchronization control function provides reliable high power for the dual bus application
  • High ambient temperature up to 50C with auto-derating above 40C


  • Easy to support difference mains frequency load
  • Save the space and lower TCO Battery range: 28-46 pcs
  • Compatible with transformer


  • 4 breaker integrated design No need to consider upstream and downstream distribution set
  • Smooth transfer the power from Battery mode to double conversion Prevent any impact for input grid
  • Output SCP time set from 20ms to 200ms. Guarantee the effective disconnection of the failure load


  • AC/AC efficiency up to 96.5% and 20% load up to 95% efficiency reduces heat dissipation and limits power consumption costs
  • ECO mode efficiency up to 99.2% ingives significant cost reduction
  • W-ECO mode could reach 98.5% efficiency, THDi below 5% and transfer time below 5ms to reduce TCO.
  • High input power factor up to 0.99 and low Input THDi: < 3.0% at full load, much less grid pollution and costs
  • Self-load test function, easy debugging and easy onsite test during commissioning, before it is connected the real load, without using costly temporary loads, cabling and breakers for energy saving.


  • Three level technology, Low harmonic, high efficiency, effectively energy-saving.
  • Power walk in function decrease the inrush to mains or generator.
  • 8 units of intelligent paralleling helps to achieve maximum capacity up to 1.6MW.
  • Self-dedusting function which save the preventive service time.
  • Parallel ECO mode maximum whole system effciency.
  • Common battery bank on parallel mode.
  • Frequency converter function(60Hz to 50Hz or 50Hz to 60Hz)
  • Lithium Battery compatible.
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